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Weird lighting problem

So i made a pong game and i have 7 lights in the scene but unfortunately some emmisive materials are not working in some ares on screen after build

This also happend in another scene where i have 6 lights only sometimes it shows

In the editor it works as expected this problem happens only on android build

@Mouledoux @Brackeys


  • Are you using a render pipeline? and if so, are you using Universal, or HD?

    HD, I think, has some problems on mobile devices without extra optimizations, and Universal has limits for how many light sources there can be.

    The screenshots look like artifacts though, not that the light isn't there, but that the machine can't handle it.

  • I'm using URP.and i also increased the light count per object to 8

    This screenshot is from my phone Samsung galaxy m31 8/128.

    Is there a possibility that the post proccessing can cause this??

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