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Help with Brackeys How to Make a Video Game tutorial.

Hi I’m brand new to game development. I’m following Brackeys How to Make a Video Game in Unity YouTube tutorial, but one step is giving me trouble. I’m on episode 7, where he goes over the UI and score. When I try to do the line with scoreText.text and the ToString add the end, I save and get this error:

Assets/Score.cs(12,9): error CS0103: The name ‘scoreText’ does not exist in the current context

My code is exactly the same as in the video and I asked some friends who know more about programming and they don’t know why it’s happening either. How can I fix this?


  • WarpWarp Member

    The error says that scoreText does not exist, because you do not have a variable called scoreText in that scope.

    Can you post the entire script, and a picture of the inspector that the script is attached to? Thanks!

  • TEDTED Member

    U was able to figure it out. Just a typo. Thank you though!

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