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Greetings Everyone!

I'm Oğuz from Istanbul / Turkey. I'm 27 and I've dropped out of university. I was studying Tourism and Hospitality Management. But I didn't like to work in that sector. You know... You have to cast fake smiles all day long. 🐲

I decided to rebuild my career as a game developer! Because I LOVE CODING VERY VERY MUCH! I can code until I die. I started studying for C# 2 months ago. Because, I want to work in an indie game studio. When I get an effective experience on C#, I will begin to study for Unity.

I love pixel art and 2D games. ("Blasphemous" is my idol.) Also, I want to make my game projects in these genres.

If you would like to help me or study with me, please contact me. Also, you can send me email or add me on social media platforms by searching for "dorvazgon". I would love to take your advices! Because I'm pretty alone on this way. 🙍

On the other hand, thank you Brackeys. You are my pole star!

I wish to luck and happiness always be on your way my friends.


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