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I really want to know how Move a object by code but then stop at a certain point

fuimisfuimis Member
edited August 2020 in Programming

All I need is the code plsssss send me a pic oh ye if you do when the Object stops I want it to move slightly like enough where you can see jittering but never going back to you or even remotely close to you like it’s not even moving from it’s spot it’s just shivering kind of I don’t know but yeah and I want it to come back


  • Can we see the code you have so far?

  • The thing is I started cording a day ago and I need this for a project and all the vids and forums I saw were wrong so I came here

  • JonUnderJonUnder Member
    edited August 2020

    Any code must be changed by the developer. I once changed the code on my website page here, and in the end I had to redo everything all over again.

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  • DashikiCrowdDashikiCrowd Member
    edited May 2021

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  • pkinpumpkinpum Member
    edited June 2021

    Yes!!! Thanks so much for bringing it back! I had just found a vanilla upload this morning, which is great, but it was nice seeing the video when I was home and at the computer. It works so nicely together. - slope unblocked - - 1v1 lol 

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