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Hairstyling essentials used in Gaming for making it real?

martin098martin098 Member
edited August 2020 in Say Hello!

As a kid I loved playing with everyone’s hair, braiding them, pinning them, and all sorts of other stuff. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a hair styling course that starts early next month. At the moment, I have enough hair accessories, but I’m considering getting new hair accessories for sale online. What are some other things I need to prepare for? If anyone can, you know, list down some of the most important things I should invest in first? I think getting new hair equipment should be of priority, and how many combing and what kind of comb sets should I invest in?


  • Hiya! Welcome to the forums!

    While hair is awesome, I don't think this is the right place to ask about all that ^^'

    This is a Game Development forum!

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