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Is there a way that i can learn Game Design more Effectively?

So i have wanted to make games for years but only just began Teaching myself the skills to do so and i'm 22 years old, already Married and working full-time with 50+ hour weeks. Its already hard to find time to Study as is. i have followed a couple Unity Tutorials From Brackeys and am now learning the Basics of C#. is there a better or more Efficient way that i could learn C# or Unity than just Following Tutorials on Youtube? something that i can add to my Study sessions to become better faster?

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    If you want to learn programming fast then you should do that daily.

    Try making some minigames than mediumgames than after you are sure about your self that you can do morw than that then make some big games.

    Collab with friends.

    Working in group is sometimes profitable.

    Try helping someone it will do so many things.

    You can test your ability.

    Help someone .

    Can Learn something from that.

    Plan about what will you do in your programming session.

    Think about some bugs try to solve them without help.

    What someone making good games that will really encourage you to do more.

    If you are tired with your current project than change it immediately cuz once you starts losing interest it will be so hard to get it back.

    Taking break is good sometimes but not for long.

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