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IS Low power consumption bikes are good to purchase?

I had saved up for 2 years after having such a hard time maintaining my old ride, I really needed to upgrade for a better motorcycle. I decided this time I wouldn’t rush to purchase a bike, my main concern now was flexibility because of excess travelling and of course reliability. One of my friends suggested I check Daymak, as he had one of their e-bike. I found the Boomerbuggy low power consuming motorcycle fitting my requirements the best. It’s foldable, has removable battery, and even has speed adjustment. I’m glad I gave this ride a go, it’s perfectly convenient.


  • Really...i mean really....

    You are asking this question in a game developer forum.

    Its clearly written below the brackeys logo.

    Off topic doesnt mean you can ask anything.

    It is called off topic cuz they have separate threads for some things and if your que doesn't fit there you can ask here but it must be related to game developing cuz this forum is made for that.

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