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Indie-friendly alternatives to FMOD/Wwise

CendaCZCendaCZ Member

Hello to you all.

I wanted to asked in this promising community if any of you know and tried any alternative to FMOD/Wwise or employed a proces for music producers to easily apply automation and fx without disturbing code structure too much. I'm asking this especially since I'm not sure how "Free" their initial plans are and the upgrades are way too expensive especially for what it does compared to other aspects of Gamemaking, yet it could make a huge difference in the long run - especially in common low budget use cases (ex. 3-person team low commercial - barely earning something) and global collab (ex. GameJam)

So far (promising tools) I've stumbled only upon in-code implementations only, usually for c++ only. (SoLoud, PortAudio, OpenAL, cAudio)


  • KobaKoba Member

    What exactly are you referring to when you say it's disturbing code structure? Do you mean all the references, variables and code snippets you have to put in for the audio to actually play? Cause if so I think that's the drawback of having more options in the audio department, you just have to put in more work for it to, well, work and plan ahead. About the licensing there's detailed information on their respectives websites so I recommend you read that. I didn't really give any alternatives but I wanna know the problem that's turning you away from Wwise and FMOD because maybe you don't really need to switch from FMOD (What I personally use) or Wwise.

  • CendaCZCendaCZ Member
    edited May 2020

    (I'm a bad programmer I won't explain this properly) How it's written, understood, settled by the programmer(s) (naming conventions, strictness of what functions can do/return, classes, communication, etc.)

    In FMOD (if not mistaken so far not tried out implementing) you can react to events that will be set in code and music producer doesn't have to interfere with the code and still make advanced effects (to transition, express) without having to recreate them in code - resp. it gives you much more freedom in terms of expression as it's much easier to tweak envelope/automation curves and the fact that many musicians aren't good at math and that is (I believe) necessary to make just about any advanced transition or curve for just about anything.

    (even vst(s) should be supported (again much easier automation of synth parameters) from what I've read but that goes out of the way mostly due to usually higher usage and probably single platform compatibility)

    Yes, FMOD free license seems to well permissive, I don't know why I was distracted from it back then (checked few months ago). The only reason why not i see now is "Free Indie License may only be used 1 time each 12 months. Additional use in that period incurs a fee of $2,000 per game."

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