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2D Platformer - jump button not working

skwmskwm Member
edited July 2020 in Brackeys' Tutorials

I'm following on the 2D Platofrmer tutorial, currently at video 15. At some point, my character lost the ability to jump, not sure if it was during video 15 or earlier and I just didn't notice. Moving left/right works just fine.

The PlatformerCharacter2D script has JumpForce set to 800, so it's not that.

I thought maybe I overloaded the jump button with the code used to fire the weapon, but I don't think that's the case. I've looked at the code in the Platformer2DUserControl script, and it has this for detecting the jump command:

m_Jump = CrossPlatformInputManager.GetButtonDown("Jump");

The Weapon script is using this:


Player Rigidbody2D Mass is set to 1, Gravity Scale to 3. Player PlatformerCharacter2D script has Jump Force set to 800.

I checked the input mapping (Edit->Project Settings->Input Manager), and Jump has the positive button set to "space", and gravity to 1000., so that all seems OK to me.

Where else can I start looking and troubleshooting?


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