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Is it possible to write an array of strings and bools to text file?

Hi, been trying to create a somewhat clone of a gameshow called The Chase, and iam using the Quiz Game tutorials Brackeys did like 3 years ago to handle storing the questions for it. I've been trying to get my head around the possibility of using StreamWriter but i cannot seem to find an example where you can write an array of strings and bools to a text file. I would be eventually reading this file back in as i would like to change the questions further down the line.

For each question this is the information i have:

public class Question {

  public string question;

  public string answerA;

  public bool isA;

  public string answerB;

  public bool isB;

  public string answerC;

  public bool isC;


Any help on this would be much appreciated


  • Ya you can save them as .json or if you want you can also save those to binary format with your desired extension brackeys also has a tutorial on it just search brackeys save n load.

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