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Why wont my gameObject destroy?

Hello, im very new to this coding stuff and im trying to learn it. I try to make a very easy game where you basically just press on a box and it is supposed to be destroyed but for some reason it throws me an error. Does someone know of an easy fix?

I left a gyazo of my code below. I appreciate all answers 🙂

Best Answer

  • MouledouxMouledoux Member
    edited July 28 Accepted Answer

    GameObject with a capital 'G' is the type, or class that a gameObject is.

    gameObject with a lowercase 'g' is the object that this component belongs to.

    edit: changed wording for clarity.


  • SplewSplew Member

    It worked, thanks 😁 By changing from private static void to just void and change the g to lowercase worked.

  • I didn't even notice the static part. Great job!

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