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How do You Edit Post-Processing Through Script in The Latest Version of Unity?

JMasterBoiJMasterBoi Member
edited July 2020 in Programming

I know there are a lot of Questions already asked about this, but they all use unity 2018 or earlier and the code does not work anymore (header files don't exist, variable types either, etc.) and they don't even explain how it works. 

Could somebody please give a clear, up-to-date explanation on how to edit post-processing through script in the latest version of Unity? Thanks In advance! (**USING URP BTW**)

(for anyone curious on what the **OLD** code was, this is the gist of it):

  using UnityEngine.Rendering.PostProcessing;

   using UnityEngine;


   public class VisualsManager : MonoBehaviour


       public PostProcessVolume volume;


       private Bloom _Bloom;


       void Start()


           volume.profile.TryGetSettings(out _Bloom);


           _Bloom.intensity.value = 0;



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