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Learn C# before trying Unity?

Hi guys!

I want to make games and I don't know C#.

Which way is the most correct?

1 - Learn C# first > learn Unity C# API

2 - Learn Unity C# API

3 - ?

 I'm sorry for my English🙂


  • This is just an opinion I think maybe C# first because you will need it a lot and secondly there are game kits, you can make games with no scripts almost but coding is fun try it

  • WarpWarp Member

    Learn the basics of C# first. Many of the problems beginners have in Unity stems from them not understanding C#, or how programming works.

    Having the basics and an understanding of C# will put you in much better standing than someone who jumps straight into Unity.

  • DEANDEAN Member

    I got it: C# first🙂 Thanks a lot for your answers!

  • You can learn them at the same time

  • DEANDEAN Member

    Thank you for your reply! I think i will learn them at the same time after learning basic C#

  • yea but Unity C# is a bit different than normal C#, the classes have derive from monobehaviour to be read in unity.

  • DEANDEAN Member

    Oh right, I'm reading right now about it on the official website. Thank you again for the tips :)

  • Absolutely, I learnt C# for about 2 years even before I started out with Unity. Although I didn't accomplish much in those 2 years, it helped me out A LOT when I started out with Unity C#. So yea, I would recommend you clear the basics and try to understand what everything in C# means rather than memorising. Start out with console applications, brackeys has a lot of cool tutorials, an old series with everything, and a new series which is still going on.

  • DEANDEAN Member

    I also think that I need to understand how C# works first. Thank you for the recommendation!

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