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Calendar System

Hi everyone,

If you've played games such as Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley, you've experienced a pretty interesting calendar system.

I've often wondered how to implement a system where the game will check the in game date and set NPC behavior during those days (while also having special days big town events)

Tutorials on this type of thing seem pretty sparse at the moment, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Any idea where I can find more resources on this topic? Or perhaps just how you personally would go about this type of behavior would be helpful.

Thanks for reading this far!


  • EdStraseskieEdStraseskie Member
    edited July 28

    I think you should first organize all the important events in a paper-based calendar and afterward program the game to read them. For example, you can go to and print a calendar, the year or month it doesn't matter, and write on that paper all the details and points you wish your calendar had. This way, you'll visualize everything better and find a starting point. Not sure if this was very helpful, but it's something I like to do each time I'm working on a new project.

  • AliaSmithAliaSmith Member
    edited August 5

     My calendar system is very simple and easy to use. I have one large wall calendar on which I write down all of my appointments and other important dates. I also keep small calendars in several different places so that I can always find them when needed (in my purse, at home, and in my office). It is suggested to take assignment help from qualified writers. These smaller calendars help keep track of other important things such as holidays or birthdays that are not related to specific dates but occur frequently throughout the year.

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