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Updated on July 24, 2019 in [A] GUI
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3 on July 19, 2019

I am trying to implement xbox controller to map to UI of my game, it works good for every UI element except for InputFields, There are two problems I am facing:

  1. I cannot delete text sometimes from an Input Field(Just like we do backspace using keyboad).
  2. I am not able to exit out of an input field to move to a new button that the navigation has linked up.

looked on the web a lot that is why I am posting it here!

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2 on July 20, 2019

You haven’t really explained things very well. Is it the mapping of the controller causing the issue? If you can’t exit certain things, could it be the button you mapped or the code that checks for it? If you’re not 100% sure I’d test other buttons and that button with other UI elements that are similar.

Otherwise we need more info. Images would be nice too. But if it’s just a few buttons not working, then it’s very likely that you’ve messed up in one of the aforementioned areas. If it is mapping however, I found this video resource:

on July 22, 2019

This is an Image that shows how the navigation links are set up.


Here is the Image refrence, where when i come to an Input Field, it wont exit out from it no matter what button I press.


I have cross checked the button mappings, all button seems to respond properly.

Still how does it gets stuck on an input field, and when I run this application on Xbox I am not able to remove or use backspace.



on July 24, 2019

I don’t know much about controller mapping or your underlying code. But if at any point you assign what input field you are editing, that’s probably where it’s getting stuck. As for the deletion error. Try making a new string and having the controller remove characters from it whilst printing the results to the Unity editor console. Maybe it’s the delete option itself, or maybe you need to copy the input value to a string, edit that string and then replace the input value with that edited string.
At this point I’m just speculating though with common fixes to problems I’ve had in the past. Hope that helps.

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