Why there is a growing need of mobile apps in 2017?

Updated on November 4, 2017 in Discussions
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1 on November 4, 2017

Mobile apps have rapidly become one of the most important and essential components for business development and increasing the number of the attracted target audience for businesses from diverse industries all over the world. Now mobility is everything for the majority of internet users. Following such a progressive demand for the mobile platform, almost the majority of businesses have started focusing onto introducing their official apps for the end users.

Now either it is about the Apple’s app store or Google’s Play store, both offers millions of similar apps that are available to download and install for the end users. According to several mobile application development companies, it has been widely observed that retail businesses and e-commerce websites have considerably moved on to the decision for developing and providing interactive mobile apps to their users in the year 2017 and the trends seem to grow more in the coming years.

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0 on November 4, 2017

I think mobile games are the first easy way to create your own first game. They has mostly one easy gameplay aspect and can be build very quick.

This means less work and with ads built in it a little bit of easy money income, if your app is downloaded by a few people.

We also did that, but also put in an option to deactivate the ads, because we also don’t like them. You can see it here:


But as a PC-Gamer as we are, that’s not something we really focus on. It’s more about the AI.

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