uzAI : Ultimate Zombie Artificial Intellignece

Updated on November 4, 2017 in  [S] Works in progress
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3 on October 26, 2017

Hi brothers,


After releasing 1 asset on the Asset Store which got mediocre success… 😛 it’s time to create something BIG!


I have always learned A LOT from the Brackeys 🙂 so to support the dev assets, the Lite version of the upcoming asset will be available on the devassets as well 🙂


Since the release of THE MOST amazing mobile game Dead Trigger 1 / 2 I am wondering how did they come up with this kinda amazing AI for their zombies (walk, run, crawl, jump, climb, attack, hear, search, react, etc) on Mobile Platform….

So I did a LOT of research and figured it out how to make something similar (yay ) and make it public so that everyone, everywhere, anytime can make anything they have ever thought of making with zombies without struggling too much!!

So guys, from a few weeks I am creating this Asset called uzAI (ultimate zombie artificial intelligence). It is still pretty much in the WIP stage!

It is working out pretty good and my plan is to develop uzAI in upcoming months and release it between Christmas and New Year

Here’s a few short GIFs to show you my progress till now :


1. Before adding a humanoid model and working with the Off Mesh Links


2. After Adding Unity’s Robot Kyle and Unity’s Stealth Tut Animations

Since, I don’t have any jump / climb animations as of now I am not able to test the OffMesh Links for the Humanoid Character but as you can see in the 1st GIF the logic is pretty much ready
3.Waypoint Editing in the Editor

I will be making it more friendly but my first priority is to develop the core of the AI!

And here’s the Unity Forum thread as well 🙂

Unity Forum
Feel free to drop suggestions / corrections / questions. I will be more then happy to reply to you guys!
Thanks for reading!
Walled City Infotech

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1 on October 26, 2017

Looks amazing!


Not joking, I’d actually spend any money to get this.


Best of luck with the project-

-That Other Dog

on October 26, 2017

Thanks man 🙂

Will be posting another update this weekend!

The Lite version will be available on the devassets which will be containing basic pathfinding and waypoints navigations 🙂




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0 on November 4, 2017

Hi guys sorry it took me tooo long to post an update :/ This AI is getting on my nerves lol    Please see the video below which shows progress till now and feel free to drop suggestions, questions, etc  

-Added Hear and Search

-Patrolling waypoints   


uzAI : WIP 001

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