Unity 2018.3.0f2 And Unity 2018.3.9f1 Version Package Manager Local Server Error

Updated on March 26, 2019 in [A] Other Answers
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0 on March 26, 2019

From the version of unity 2018.3.0 to unity 2018.3.After upgrading to 9f1, when I wanted to open my projects from the previous version and a new project to the new version, I encountered errors like in this picture.Can you help me solve this problem please? This error title : UNity Package Manager Error This is message :

Could not establish a connection with the Unity package Manager local server process.This is most likely due to a proxy or firewall configuration.Make sure the process [D:/UNity 3D 2018/Editor/Data/Resources/PackageManager/Server/UNityPackageManager.exe] is reachable via HTTP on the IP address


NOTE : My antivirus programs are closed, giving the same error.

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