unet matchmaker ccu is saying 20 when it is 1

Updated on July 16, 2017 in [A] Multiplayer
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4 on July 15, 2017

so when the project isnt running it shows 0 users, as it should

(i guess this got compressed when i uploaded it but it just says that there are 0 ccu / 20)

then when i join the game through match maker it shows that there are 20

(and this just says there is 20/20)

and when i stop the game it goes back to 0

if u need this for the networking scripts and stuff i used brackeys fps tutorial.

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3 on July 16, 2017

This number is based on your room size, so it is reserving the ccu needed for the game/room.

on July 16, 2017

ty let me try changing room size some and exparementing with that because ppl couldnt join when it showed 20/20


edit: ok so i changed max room size to 10 and it still shows 20 when i create a game and i still cant join on any other instance i cant even create another game.

on July 16, 2017

It can take some time to reset.

on July 16, 2017

ok i waited a bit and now it shows 10 when i create a game but i still cant join it (i can create a second game now)

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