uNet gameobject SetActive() problem

Updated on May 11, 2018 in Discussions
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1 on May 11, 2018

hello all, i want to ask some question here

i am currently build multiplayer game using uNet. i have a few problem that i cant solve even by searching at google

  1. i want to set my weapon gameObject enabled status to false using SetActive(false) methood. it was successful in the offline mode, but i do not know how to make it visible in other player from uNet
  2. i see a good component using “Network Transform” and “Network Transform Child” to give a good information of the object position and rotation. is there any way to use the same methood to integrate setActive()  status between player??

thank you for any of your help. i hope this thread could also be a reference for those who have the same problem

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0 on May 11, 2018

Try calling the SetActive method inside a ClientRPC call.

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