[UNET] Disconnect From Server sometimes

Updated on July 14, 2018 in [A] Multiplayer
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0 on July 14, 2018

hi. im working on a simple multiplayer game for android on dedicated server.

and i use unet. my problem is when i connect to the server in during game , i disconnect because of ping limits.

after that i changed some parameters in network manager for solving my problem like :

        connectionConfig.MinUpdateTimeout = 20;
        connectionConfig.ConnectTimeout = 1500;
        connectionConfig.DisconnectTimeout = 1500;
        connectionConfig.PingTimeout = 1000;
        connectionConfig.NetworkDropThreshold = 45;
        connectionConfig.OverflowDropThreshold = 45;
        connectionConfig.AckDelay = 100;
        connectionConfig.AcksType = ConnectionAcksType.Acks96;
        connectionConfig.MaxSentMessageQueueSize = 512

My problem was almost fixed, but sometimes it disconnect from server every few minutes.

how can i solve this ?

in my game i have 12 player.

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