(Typing Game) NullReferenceException Error in Constructor of Word Script

Updated on August 26, 2018 in [A] Tutorials
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1 on August 22, 2018

I have been following the Typing Game livestream tutorial for a minigame in the game I am developing. I encountered the problem when trying the to run the game after including the word display and word spawner code at around 35:00 minutes into the tutorial. The error is a NullReferenceException error pointing to the display.SetWord(word) of the Word script seen below.

public Word(string _word, WordDisplay _display)
word = _word;
typeIndex = 0;
display = _display;

To double check the code, I went on github for the tutorial and copy and pasted the code over my code for all of the tutorial portions he covered up to that point and the problem persisted, so I think the issue lies with a Unity update since the making of the video. If anyone could help me with the issue it would be very much appreciated.

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0 on August 26, 2018


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