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Updated on May 21, 2018 in Tutorial Ideas
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2 on May 17, 2018

Other people feel free to comment on any other good tutorial ideas you would like to see from Brackeys.

Bow and arrow tutorial – 1st or 3rd person would be cool. I’ve seen some out there. This subject could use a Brackeys touch lol.


Leveling/Skill Tree system – I wouldn’t suggest a huge one but really just the basics of setting one up. I believe Unity has one of these but, it is geared more for an FPS. One more geared toward an adventure/RPG would be awesome. (Level up, get points, spend points, gain epic skillz)


Dialogue System V2 (Choices) – I loved the dialogue tutorial, so much so I went on to expand it to include choices. Not saying that I’d particularly benefit from this tutorial but, I think it is a necessity in a lot of games. 


Dialogue System V3 (Light/Dark) – this would build off of the choices tutorial, and have the choices have a benefit / consequence or add to a character’s light/dark points


Crafting System – I saw the Ludum Dare video where you made a crafting system. It looked awesome, how did you make it? It would be cool to see this done.


RTS game series– I know this would be super complex but, it would be totally awesome to see you do this.


Machine Learning Tutorial – I’ve seen that Unity now supports ML agents. It would be awesome to see how that is done.


These are just some ideas that I come up with off the fly. I may add more later.



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0 on May 17, 2018


Here is some more ideas

Inventory System and Hotbar – I was wondering if you could have a whole series dedicated to knowing and understanding and I would like it to be for an FPS game.  It would also have extra things like a hotbar from minecraft and other things.  It would be great if you could make one, but if not, then could you recommend some videos that have an inventory system really close and similar to minecraft because that is what I’m trying to aim for.  I would like it so I can Change weapons and resources by using the scroll wheel on a mouse or using number on the key board.  Lots of other videos are confusing.

3D Space Ship like in No Man’s Sky – I would like to make a game with a space ship in it and it would probably inspire other ideas in people to do other things like that.

Again Crafting System! – I really love the crafting idea and I really want (need actually) to implement that into my game!  

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0 on May 21, 2018

One other I thought of would be good is an NPC Shop tutorial. You already have an Inventory and Intractable script written out from the RPG series, just give a tutorial on inheritance and create an NPC shop system that would take in game money and give the user an item in their inventory.


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