Updated on January 11, 2017 in Answers
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0 on January 11, 2017

I make the models in 3dsMax. I’m totally new to using Unity and trying to fool around with UE4 as well to satisfy my hobby. I have no history in coding. This is one of few of my turrets I’ve modeled in max. The defense game i’m concocting is “Rail Defense” (Think of train signals, modernized security checkpoints), the enemies travel under and between all the turrets I’ve made. Both views would be for  either a 3D game or a 2D Topdown game. I have a lot of ideas for the game. I looking for nice graphics and effects for my game. I’ve watched a couple of your tuts on youtube so far. Very informative in what initially I’m trying to achieve. I have the modeling down. But the animation and coding from Max to Unity I could use some assisting with.  Or, if i can send you the model I’ve made somehow and see what you can do with it…?

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