Tower building

Updated on April 29, 2017 in Tutorial Ideas
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0 on April 29, 2017

A tower building game similar to Airconsole’s “Tower of Babel”.

Tower of Babel is a (simple?) 2d (multiplayer) game. It’s simple to play and there are only a few rules.

The main rule of the game: just build a tower! You are not cooperating with the other players but you are competing against one another. All players will build the same tower. When you drop the blocks, you have to be really careful, otherwise the tower will come crumbling down. The player who breaks it will lose the game. So your goal is to stay safe and build wisely, while trying to give your opponents a hard time and “helping” them to crash it.
Powerups can make your task more difficult, but they make the game more interesting as well. Test your building skills and see how high you can go together. Then find out who is the best builder in the group!

The multiplayer part isn’t a must have for this tutorial. Sure it’d be cool, but to have the basics without multiplayer will be better than nothing!

Tutorial could cover:
Physics (since the game is all about physics)
Points / leaderboard
Possibility of some cool effects / sounds
Multiplayer perhaps

This might be a nice tutorial for a livestream. But then again I don’t know a whole lot about game development so it might be more difficult than I think.

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