Sync rigidbody ball physics [UNET]

Updated on December 2, 2018 in [A] Multiplayer
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3 on October 6, 2015

Hey guys I got a question regarding the new Unet multiplayer system.

I got a simple setup (2D) with player-characters and a ball, both using a rigidbody.
Synchronising the player movement and rotation works fine.

Now I want the players to be able to push the ball around, when the host pushes the ball everything works fine and the balls position gets synced, but the other players (remote clients) can’t really push the ball around, it’s jittery and the ball hardly moves at all.

The ball has the standard NetworkIdentity, NetworkTransform with sync rigidbody2D attached.
How do I tackle this problem?

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2 on October 23, 2015

Found the answer.

Switch to Unreal Engine 4, click a checkbox and everything works just fine.
The networking in UE4 is leaps and bounds ahead of unity when it comes to physics.

And the blueprint scripting is surprisingly powerful, haven’t written a single line of code yet.

on May 30, 2016

I wanna say that my answer was complete bullshit and it is not that easy

on December 2, 2018

Did you manage to find a solution to this problem? I noticed you switched back to Unity and released Emoji Balls, congrats! I would love to know how you solved this.

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