SummStats, an UWP League of Legends “companion”

Updated on November 17, 2016 in  [S] Works in progress
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1 on November 17, 2016

Hey guys,

Today I got a mail that the app got accepted to the store and now I want to share it with you.

For a few months I’ve been learning to develop UWP app and during this process I got into using a C# wrapper for the Riot Games API.

About the app
This app gives you the possibility to look up a summoner and see personal ranked stats (solo/duo) and if the summoner is in a live game you get to see this too, with some ranked data, about the different participants of this game.

Planned functionality
Of course I’ve got more functionality planned for this app to make it more personal.
These functionalities that are planned right now are:

    • Show top champion of the summoner

    • Show a small recent match history

Known bugs
Sadly enough no app comes without bugs luckily the major ones in this app have been fixed before the release just some small ones I hope to fix in the coming update.

    • Long load times when Search Summoner is pressed

    • Live game not all champion pictures are shown

I found a bug how should I report this?
To report a bug you can mail me at please ensure that you put [SummStats bug] in the subject.

I’ve thought of a feature and I would like to see this in the app.
If would like to see a feature in the app, that isn’t listed you can send a mail to and make sure to put [SummStats suggestion] in the subject.

Yes there is a simple, no CSS, website for this app if you want a bit, well not more information but still you could go here

Where can I found the app?
Right now it’s not yet available since it is still being published but you should be able to find it within 16 hours in the Microsoft Store. When I get the link I will put this in the thread so come back for the link soon!

What devices does the app support?
This app will be available for Windows 10 PC’s, Windows 10 tablets, Windows 10 phones

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