Updated on July 22, 2017 in  [G] Say Hello!
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4 on July 21, 2017

Any way I can make pixel sprites for unity

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3 on July 21, 2017

Ever heard of Google? Come on man you keep asking questions you can find the answer for within 5 minutes

on July 21, 2017

I’ve been googling this question for weeks. Now Google obviously doesn’t have the answers I’m looking that’s why I’m on this forum. I used Photoshop, Piskel, and Textpacker, but my pixel Sprite sheets don’t come out the way Unity’s Assets sprites come out. And I will keep asking this question until I get my answer

on July 22, 2017

But what is the problem describe or show us the problem

on July 22, 2017

Oh never mind I found my answer. Thank you


  • Sorry for being kinda rude I was frustrated
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