[UNITY / UNPAID] Looking for 3D artist / concept artist to work together with!

Updated on March 26, 2017 in Collaboration
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0 on March 26, 2017

Hi everybody,

I wanted to ask people to respond on my message if you are interested to work together on a first person shooter RPG project, which will be in our unique style. It will have a story line, we want to make it a 4 player coop game, so you can play together with your friends or play as a lone wolf. Also we thinking about a multiplayer arena where you can battle other people. But this is yet in development.

Who do we need?
If you are willing to work together and develope yourself more on your area of specialization, than you are as good as welcome to join the team. The only thing we ask is motivation, optimism and some free time to make this project work. If you are interested please write me!

– 3D Modeler (environment / character / weapons)
– 3D Animator
– 3D Rigger
– Programmer shaders
– Concept artist / texture artist

A combination of the above mentioned proffesions is also possible! If your proffesion is not there, but you have a great interest in this game, please sent us a mail anyway.

Who are we?
We are a small group of developers wishing to extend our team, we carry the name Insentio as our studio name and we have a dream to start in the future our own game studio. Insentio is a mix of latin/english words which stands for expression/feeling, with other means. Its all about expressing yourself and make the best of our work!

Alfred: Story development (Working out the story, missions, skills, characters etc)
Justin: C# Programmer, (Programs everything from the menu to the ingame action)
Damian: Concept artist (working out concept for scenes, characters for the game).

What is the game about.
The background of the game is that humans left the planet earth to find a suitable planet for them to live on. Earth’s resourced are depleting and they want to create a new start. After traveling in space for 7 years they are getting sucked up by a strange wormhole which appeared out of nowere, and before they knew, they were in a different galaxy, with a planet which looks much like earth.

But they were pretty close to the planet so they got sucked in because of the planets gravity, Most humans managed to escape, but their technology and hope was lost for the biggest part. After they rebuilded and started to colonize this planet, after hundreds of years past and different generations lived on this planet. They made a discovery which would awake great evil and start a eternal war. ‘Will be continued’ haha, futher details of the story i can discuss in private if you are interested in the storyline.

What will happend if the game makes profit?
If the game will be succesfull and generate revenue, a part will be invested to develope it futher (most likey it will be in the beginning), a other part will go to the people who worked on the project to give them a reasonable share, (ofcourse depending on the revenue) and the biggest part will be invested in the game studio to set things up and eventually get a paid job out of it.

How to apply?
Now the most importent question, how can you apply! I would like to know the information below, all information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anymore.

– Your name
– Country where you live
– What you can do
– How many years expierence you have
– What your interest for this project is

Please sent a mail to info@insentio.com and hopefully we speak each other soon!!

Kind regards,


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