single complet resource for learning unity, to professionally create 2d mobile games

Updated on November 21, 2017 in  [R] Unity Resources
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1 on November 20, 2017

As a programmer I’m used to grabbing one single professional resource, either a book, or a single online tutorial and trying to learn all basics using that single resource.

I tried searching for books and also tutorials. Most are either too old, or are just too sparse. Even the tutorials from the Brackeys for 2d Unity is 3 years old.

How should I start learning Unity, for 2d mobile games?

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0 on November 21, 2017

I’ve started watching the videos in the following link:


It seems if I want to become a professional 2D unity game developer, I need to learn Unity basics in 3D, then go for the specifics of 2D. There is no resource that help you just focus on 2D from the basics.

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