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Updated on October 8, 2018 in [A] Shaders
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3 on October 4, 2018

Hi all,

Can anyone help me to find good resources about shader graph? Books, YouTube videos or anything else that can help me to get more knowledge about the subject? The documentation from Unity itself isn’t enough.



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0 on October 5, 2018

I join this question. There are only a few shader graph tutorials out there. The most of them about the dissolve and holo effect. So basically what Unity itself showcased.

Here a screenshot of the power of shader graph I used for:

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1 on October 8, 2018


No one that can help finding more resources where more tutorials or explaining happends about the usage of shader graph? Or maybe good clear tutorials about shader forge (forerunner of shader graph)? 

on October 8, 2018

You could maybe try some Unreal shader tutorials. It has had node based programming for a while now, so you could probably find more tutorials for it.

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