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Updated on September 10, 2018 in  [C] Commercial
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0 on September 10, 2018

We are seeking a Unity developer for our growing project/company. Currently we are working on a children’s interactive Hide & Find style game but we plan on expanding in the near future and would like someone whom wants to grow with us. We are seeking the following requirements:






18 or older (NDA Contract & Collaboration Contract)


Mobile Development Experience Using Unity      0 – 6 months


General Knowledge of C# & .Net Framework        0 – 6 months


Visual Studio 2017                                                            0 – 6 Months




Dedicated To Project & Team








Excellent written and verbal communication


Skype with Mic/Headset


Nice To Have But Not Required:




SQL                                                                                        1 – 2 years


MVC                                                                                      1 – 2 years


ASP .Net                                                                               1 – 2 years


API’s                                                                                      1 – 2 Years


Role & Responsibilities:


Developer will be expected to complete tasks in a timely fashion and meet deadlines. Deadlines can be extended upon request by the developer. Additionally, developers are required conduct their selves in a professional manor and be respectful of other members/staff.


Primary Role:


C# development using Unity


Create & Develop scripts using C# and Mono in Visual Studio 2017


Work with our API


Work with our SQL database


Secondary Role:


Assist in building extensions & code for the website


Assist in build & planning & expanding our database


Assist in expanding our API


Current Project:


Our current project in development is a children’s game called “Bugology”. This is an interactive hide & Find game where players need to move objects around to find the hidden bugs. Players will work through 5 different areas collecting various bugs in order to complete their bug collection. Once a bug has been found, players may learn fun & interesting facts about that insect by clicking on it in their bug book. Additionally, players will be able to earn bug badges and earn account points which they can use to purchase any of our product in our store. Simply put, players earn points for just playing the game. Sound exciting? Join the team!



How to Apply:


To apply, please contact us at or send a direct message to me on here with your experience. Please include any languages you have learned and any software you have built, worked on or worked with in the past/present. Thank you


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