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Updated on October 2, 2018 in [A] Other Answers
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1 on May 16, 2018

I need remote python developers to develop a mobile application based on Android. I consider the option of hiring offshore specialists, but I doubt the choice of the country. Maybe someone has encountered, and can give feedback, or knows companies with which already have a positive experience or even constant cooperation? Thanks.

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0 on October 2, 2018

Consider the following factors while choosing the country to hire offshore developers:

  • The English Proficiency Level. For efficient communication, you need to be sure that you don’t have a misunderstanding with your team due to the language barriers. For example, almost 70 % of Ukrainian developers have an intermediate or upper-intermediate level of English proficiency.
  • The Availability of Tech Specialists.  Are there enough developers? Won’t you struggle to find developers with the necessary technologies?
  • Time Zone. Keep in mind, that you need to constantly communicate with your developers, so time difference of 8 hours will be insufficient.
  • Work Ethic. Different nations have various approaches to work, mentality and the level of involvement.
  • Quality of The Work Delivered. Quality will never be paid cheap. However, hunting low-quality work for a smaller price is not the best solution.
  • Developer ratesOffshore development rates in Central and Southern America range from $30 to $50, in Eastern Europe average outsourcing rates are $25-$50, in Asia and Africa offshore developers charge $18-$40.
  • etc.

In order to be satisfied with the country ensure all the criteria meets your requirements.

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