Randy’s Dilemma from Brackeys C# beginners tutorial #7

Updated on July 19, 2017 in [C] Beginner
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0 on July 19, 2017


In the video Brackey programs Tom to roll the dice and keep rolling till he hits a six, I then made a challenge to my self where I will make Randy Random roll a dice and count the number of attempts until he hits the number 2. Then I made him do this 6 times and made him record all 6 sessions of his work.


I hit some errors when trying to set variables inside the while loops and things I did not quiet understand by my self. So I had to do some things differently, and well the code looks bulky and I would like to shim it down some lines. 


I would like to know if that is possible if guys can take a look at my code. Thank you!



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