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1 on August 2, 2017

Where can I get help with unity and c# problems, except for unity answers or brackeys forum? Because I have been asking the same question every day for three days and no one, no one has been responding or helping me.

Here’s my question that I’ve been asking every day if you are interested in answering it:
– http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/1386713/animator-and-scripting-problems-help.html

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0 on August 2, 2017

Ah yes, I remember seeing your post before. 
To answer this question, I’d say that the only other places to get help on forums are various Google links by researching others’ problems which are similar.
Sometimes, people forget about your issue and you might have to BUMP your posts, usually once a day is allowed/understandable.
Sometimes, (like in your case here) people (myself included) choose to ignore a question because they/we think it’s so easy that surely someone will answer it for you soon or you’ll find your own answer by googling a few more times. 
When you sit down to learn about something through a tutorial, like 2D animating, that’s awesome. But sometimes, a tutorial doesn’t do a great job of explaining things in 100% your style of learning, and so you just don’t get it. That’s why I think it’s good at that time to lean on a secondary tutorial. the 2nd one will be working on a totally different project but all the same ideas (usually), but you don’t have to follow along and make that project too. Just sit, watch, think. And hopefully, it explains things slightly differently, so that you ‘get’ it and can experiment with incorporating it into the project you were initially learning on. I find that by doing this, getting past my hurdle, then continuing, I see that tutor number 1 did the same thing i incorporated from tutor number 2, but I didn’t recognize what they did… and then I’m back on track anyway.

Now, Unity has a truly great selection of tutorials (imagine that), so for me, they are almost always my tutor number 1 OR 2, when I’m learning something new. Utilize them. the detail they go into is incredibly helpful (for me at least).
So I’d bet (haven’t watched it though, but I’d still bet good money) that there’s some good answers to your question somewhere in one of these videos:


Now, normally it’s bad form to answer a question for a different thread, but because you seem impatient, and I don’t want to find your other brackeys post… you mentioned another video…
“He says something about horizontal value in this video-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KF0jepqDAtw …. at this time 6:36”
That person is sort of thinking out loud, and talking about what he will be actually doing later, around minute 9. What he says probably doesn’t actually make much sense to you unless you already know what he’s talking about because of the technical terminology.
So I happened to quickly find the spot which you should concern yourself with most. the part that seems to be giving you so much trouble happens right here at 9 min 37 sec:


Take note of how he’s using an Animator called ‘myAnimator’. Every Animator has preset variables (aka parameters?) which can be changed through script by calling myAnimator.SetFloat, or SetBool, or SetString I think…
Anyway… for more info there, check out the docs and look for SetFloat and SetBool functions:


So by setting up your animator controller to be triggered to change to run animation when speed reaches a certain threshold, you can use the scripts to control the speed with something like myAnimator.SetFloat(“speed”,0.5f) 

Honestly, I’m a bit surprised though you hadn’t surmised this solution yourself though over the course of three days with all the resources that you can find through some quick searches…but that’s beside the point. Hopefully, this helps you sort out some of your questions.

Use the Unity tutorials, Scripting Docs, Manuals, and technically you can get any question answered through those I think. But coming to forums just sometimes helps speed that process along because some people just know where to look. Sometimes.

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