Quantum Loop – new strategy game!

Updated on February 26, 2018 in  [S] Finalized projects
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2 on February 25, 2018

Hello guys, my name is Dolev.

I am a 15-year old developer and I started making games with Unity about 2 years ago.

I made a new game called Quantum Loop, the game is kind of Ketchapp-styled,

with a hint of successful games.

I hope you like my game, because I worked really hard on it, and please give me a 5-star review.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you enjoy! Link to download from the Google Play store:


Or simply search for “Quantum Loop” on the Google Play store.

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1 on February 25, 2018

Why are there ads in your game?

on February 26, 2018

Because I need money so I can keep on making games

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