Punch other player with Photon Network and Rigidbody

Updated on August 12, 2018 in [A] Multiplayer
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1 on August 12, 2018

Hey guys. Im quite new to Photon and multiplayer stuff in unity but. 
I am making a game where few players can punch each other from a small arena.  Im using photon and i synchronised movement and rotations quite good. But the problem comes when im trying to punch other player. Bassicaly i cant punch him and he doesnt moves at all. 
How can i punch other players rigidbody and send some AddForce signal through network? Hope im clear enough. Thank you. 

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0 on August 12, 2018

You need to send the ‘push’ function to the client that needs to be pushed. Then the client wil send the pushed location to the other clients through the synchronizing.

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