Pause menu buttons stop working after scene change

Updated on September 11, 2018 in [A] GUI
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1 on September 4, 2018
thats my heirarchy. Pause menu is the canvas with all the scripts including presistent.


background is the element i set active/inactive for the pause menu, also the camera is persistent and has a simple scene changing script that should affect anything.
now when i start the game the pause menu works fine, by fine i mean the buttons do get highlighted and function , Time.scale = 0 also work, aswell resume.
as soon as i change a scene the buttons in the pause menu stop working, i can pause and unpause , but the buttons have zero reaction not getting highlighted etc.. 


i would add some code but i dont know which script to add since i dont know where to search for the problem.
it doesn’t work in all the scenes besides the main scene where the pausemenu obj is located(when i go back to that scene the buttons work again)

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0 on September 11, 2018

If you have a script on the “pausemenu obj” which I’m guessing you dragged into the “on click events” for the buttons then that obj needs to go with the canvas to every scene.

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