Paint/Draw on GameObject, best practices?

Updated on April 13, 2017 in [A] Multiplayer
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0 on April 13, 2017
Hey guys,
I want to produce the –kind of– same system than Splatoon, meaning player will be able to paint on walls/grounds and other players will be able to paint on top of the former player’s painting.
I’m not sure about the best practice to use, and I am not really talking about scripting but about networking issues: I’m afraid about intense lagging on client (and maybe server?) side.
There are a couple of things to know about the gameplay principle :
– First,  there would potentially be hundreds of players at the same moment (picture this like a MMO) painting on the same spot.
– Second, painting should last forever and not vanished like a bullet impact on a wall in every FPS games.
I thought about two ways to paint on a surface:
1)When player will shoot on this surface, it will apply a flat tinted sphere on the exact spot of the wall. Problem is, there would be thousands of spheres constantly be created while painting and I’m afraid of intense lagging like I said.
2)When player will shoot on this surface, it will actually change the surface asset and render a new one with the painting on. Thing is, I dont want to render the entire surface each time player will paint on it, but only the exact spot where he painted. But I am unsure about how to do so.
Sorry for the long post, I hope it is clear enough. Help would be much appreciate.
Thanks! 🙂
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