[Paid] Looking for Pixel Artist to help with Life Simulator 2016

Updated on December 6, 2016 in  [C] Commercial
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1 on July 26, 2016

Hey there!

You may have seen me on there forums before, and you may already know that I have been working on a mobile game called Life Simulator.

Life Simulator is a game that allows the player to live their own virtual life. The player can create a character and choose whatever direction in life they’d like to. More details can be found here.

Well – for a while I’ve been working with my team to produce a HUGE update to Life Sim, changing the style to a text based game to a full blown pixel art heavy game.

I’m looking for a Pixel Artist who is capable of replicating (or at least producing similar quality pixel art) this art style.

(There was an error with images not being displayed, so I’m throwing an imgur album here)

The UI is only placeholder right now, we will be updating this as we get closer to.

You will be expected to produce art assets in a similar style to the images shown above.
You will be expected to be flexible with work hours (be available to produce art often)
You will be expected to take criticism and adjust art accordingly.
You will be expected to co-operate with the other artist on the team.

What to expect from us
You will be treated with respect from other team members.
You will be greeted into our community, treated as one of our own.
You will be paid a % share of revenue each month.
You will be able to work on future project with the team.

The game is already available on the Google Play store, with future expansions to iOS planned (the developer license has already been purchased, we are just waiting until this update is ready for release)

We can provide a .apk to download on request (so you can see what the new version is like)

Thank you for reading, we hope that you are interested in joining us!

To apply, send an email here – frozenvortexgames@hotmail.com with a sample of some of your art.

See you soon!

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