Paid job multiplayer using photon

Updated on July 5, 2017 in  [C] Commercial
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0 on July 5, 2017

i pay 200$ who add me stuff to this project!/content/68536
– when come second player and kill zombie the number of AI grow in map
– random room name with option to save name room and name room saved will have all time a number like MyRooom1 to MyRoom99 – so will have a number from 1 to 99 and will change all time except name that added player
– random room name with option to save name room and name room saved will have all time a number like Room001 to Room999

– Sound problem come from main to map then exit and is another sound

– look at profiler Late behaviour update eat good from cpu
– kill ui message still show duplicat in same place when kill more zombie in litle time = Fragget Zombie 799 +10 XP +$28 it show 2-3 UI in same place
– texture that attach to gun it not show like in picture

– added only button to spawn total of zombie and soldier Bot – make connection please is very fast and easy
– zombie random attack animation
– zombie random attack sound
– zombie random die sound
– zombie walk random animation
– make an option to add photo from mobile or pc – something like browse
– option in inspector to speed up animation 
– TDM mod
– button mobile
– choose soldier from more models with photo , will be when join in map


———————Wave system—————————– all option in insector to controll all————–
– when create mod wave option 
– dificulty zombie per player like 2 zombie for each player , if in map are 3 players will be all time spawned in map 6 zombie if will be 1 player will be all time in map 2 zombie
– dificulty will be from 2 to 10 zombie per player – default will be like i want to add in inspector
– maximum zombie same time in map will be around 30 + 10-14 players if is possible
— – Dificulty will be also incressing healt of zombie like easy 50 hp per zombie, medium, hard – for example EASY = 100 will be very easy to kill, Medium will be like now it is default kit and Hard will be very hard to kill like 150 hp , very hard zombie will have 200HP 
– choose number of how many players will fight against zombie from 2 – 10 – 14
– choose options for night or day – mod will be only night
– choose option to have friends bots from 1 to 5 – maybe will remove and add another feature

– option to add number wave
– sound at begining and final wave
– each wave will have sound backround in insector
– 20 seconds show begin wave
– option to add message at each wave
– option to add maximum number of zombie per wave
– option to add random prefab or only one prefab in wave
——————i want control in each wave——————
– shop 2 box 
– one ammo, grenade, healh , cure infection , sppecial gun, turret, c4 , barrel normal, barrel exploding
– second with buy gun 
– zombie models like, boss, zombie infected – shoot on player and player need to buy cure infection – if player not cure will be down – if not revive from a friend will be death and will wait to finish round to respawn again
– zombie dog, zombie fire – when is killed explode and if player is close to this will be down and wait a player to revive
– zombie crawl – if have idea for another zombie will be cool , zombie running 
– on wave will be like cod4 with special model of zombie

Need to test more
– it was remain on screen the ui for gun when show Press E ….. again remain
– jump not work all time – push w+ jump like in video
-game must be optimized for webgl and mobile+ button
-i will provide one character for, soldier, bot, zombie to change for me to see is work

You can CONTACT ME at Skype MENTOLATUX or email :

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