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Updated on November 14, 2019 in General
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2 on November 3, 2019

Hello, a just start my gamedev way. And sorry for my English, it’s not good enough. So, I want to draw graphic for myself, and I don’t know, what kind of graphics is better. For example, I can draw in illustrator with help of different figures, or draw by brushes in photoshop. I don’t have any skills in both programs, but what to choose one and study

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1 on November 4, 2019

Illustrator is for making vector graphics.

Photoshop if for making more traditional images, as well as edit existing ones.

Illustrator is bettor for making original content because it’s vector art. I am not sure if Illustrator can export to jpg or png, and if it can, I would go with Illustrator 100%.

However, if it can’t export, most game engines do not support vector images. I know Unity is working on it, but I’m not sure if it has been released yet.

on November 14, 2019

Thanks for your answer 🙂

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