My GameDev Story!

Updated on June 1, 2016 in [D] Stories
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4 on June 1, 2016

People seem to be doing these, so I figured I’d do my own!

I first came into contact with Game Development when I was 9 years old, I picked up a copy of RPG Maker online and fell in love with the idea of making games – I’d always loved them, so making my own was just a natural desire.

I toyed around with RPG Maker for a few months, making my own concepts of RPG games and other terrible works until my laptop gave in to my constant neglect.

Finding myself without a laptop, I stuck with console for a few years, forgetting about the power of a PC and what I could accomplish.

Skip to about 13 years old. I bought a new Gaming PC, of course my plan was to use this for gaming, but a friend of mine had told me that he was working on a “great FPS game” that was going to make “millions”. As a gullible 13 year old boy, I desperately wanted to know how on Earth he was doing this – the answer of course, Unity.

His projects flopped of course but mine began to blossom, I was infatuated by the idea of making my own games again, but this time everything was so much more detailed – the interface alone intimidated me. I decided to stick to some online tutorials and start to create small mechanics – and other similar things (this is of course where I discovered Brackeys, shoutout to him!).

I loved it. Making games was a dream come true.

I wanted to get my head stuck in, I figured I knew enough – I’d been following tutorials for a while, so why not try to make something? A game of my own…

I’d like to say that this was a mistake, but it really wasn’t…

I came here, to the Brackeys Forums (I believe we’re in 2014 now) and recruited some members for my development team – “Frozen Vortex Games”. We began work on a project called Super Combat Arena, an arena-based combat game in which you had to survive against hordes of enemies. It went well for a few weeks, we didn’t get much done but we enjoyed it.

The project of course flopped, we were massively over-scoped but we didn’t care, we took quite a bit away from the failure – we had learnt new technologies and programs that could aid us, I personally had learnt new leadership skills which I still put into use today and we obviously learnt more about Game Development as a whole.

More projects flew by, we were playing around with a great idea, an amazing game “Life Simulator”. This game was as over-scoped as anything could ever be, that’s for sure. In the game you got to live your own life, multiplayer and everything – interacting with other players in the world and doing anything you dreamed. It was a crazy idea for a project for teenagers. But I don’t regret wasting my months with it, because my time wasn’t wasted.

Most people don’t understand the benefits to failing. People are in the constant mindset of “If I know I’m going to fail, what’s the point?” and this has to be the biggest killer to people’s dreams. Yes, you are going to fail – and it’s not a bad thing, like people make it out to be. Failing is beneficial in so many ways. By failing, you learn, you learn how not to fail the same way. If you succeed at first but then fail later you become better educated – gaining new life skills that you didn’t have before, attaining new knowledge to help you with your next project and make your life easier in the latter. Failing isn’t a bad thing, it’s the best thing. Do it – master the art of failing, that’s one skill that I can’t stress the importance of enough…

Anyway! Back to the story, Life Simulator was a huge flop… We lost members throughout the development and gained members, forming the great team that we have today.

We’ve worked on other projects, which also didn’t go as planned, but we stuck together – and now we’re working on Life Simulator again! (A mobile, scoped-down version) and it is going really well! We’ve just surpassed $100 of revenue, we’re approaching 20K downloads and we’ll soon be releasing to iOS!

So that’s where I’m at right now – that’s my gamedev story so far, I’m sure I’ll have many more tales in the future and I can’t wait for them.

TL;DR – Got inspired, learned Game dev, attempted games – failed, happy about failure, now going successfully.

If anybody is interested in links to downloads of the games, just let me know and I can provide.

Sorry for the extremely long post, but to be fair I’d say that this is a shortened version!

Keep on devving guys! 😉

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0 on June 1, 2016

Great story!

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0 on June 1, 2016

Cool! The extra credits team has an episode about failing called ‘Fail Faster’.
It’s a cool video to watch! 😀

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0 on June 1, 2016

Awesome to hear about Life Simulator and congrats! Also great advice.

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