My first android game:

Updated on January 11, 2017 in  [S] Works in progress
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4 on January 8, 2017

Hey, i’ve just launched my first android game on Aptoide, please try it and give me some ideas to put on the game or tell me if there’s a bug in it please 😀 here’s the link: The Game (It’s my second game)

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3 on January 11, 2017

There’s a lot of problems in this game. I can’t rotate the game, it is landscape flipped. Too much ads, like really really really too much ads. When I started I tried to type in 5 turns, said numbers only, 2 turns worked tho.

The music doesn’t fit the game at all.

The controls could be a bit more sensitive, it’s hard to move the players.

on January 11, 2017

Thanks for your feedback, i’ll try to fix the landscape thing but i think that there’s only 1 ad each game so i think that it’s a bug, about the turns you have to enter odd numbers (2, 4, 6 …) so the game can be fair, i’ll fix the controls because a lot of pepole tell me that it’s hard to use it 🙂

on January 11, 2017

2, 4, 6 are even numbers, you should specify somewhere or even better, make a counter or a select button where you can choose instead of typing. I got an ad right after the unity splash screen and 2 more times before playing the 1st round.

on January 11, 2017

Ow, okey i’ll fix it?

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