Multiple Tutorial Ideas

Updated on January 1, 2019 in Tutorial Ideas
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0 on January 1, 2019

Hello! Here are some ideas for tutorials I have. Tell me what you think about them!


        • 2D & 3D enemy that shoots at the player
        • How to make a match-3 game! 😀 (I think this would be great)


        • Address easy solutions to common bugs (null reference exception, etc.) (this would be intended for beginners who might have a hard time understanding errors in the console)


        • How to prototype game ideas


        • Quaternion tutorial, please!!


        • An updated version of your course on making a survival game would be greatly appreciated


        • I would also love to see more videos like your ten-minute game creation challenge! It was one of my favourite videos 🙂


        • Maybe more behind-the-scenes videos of games you have made/are making (not necessarily for Ludum Dare)


        • Tips/tricks for brainstorming ideas around a theme?? (not sure about this one)


        • Crafting ammo and other stuff (like in newer Tomb Raider games)


        • Save points! Like for when you leave the game, then come back and you’re still standing at that tree you were when you turned off the game, etc. (Examples: Tomb Raider campfires, Hollow Knight benches, etc.)


Okay, so I know that was a lot, but, oh well 😛




Thanks for reading!

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