MultiplayerFps sync Audio question.

Updated on May 12, 2017 in [A] Multiplayer
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4 on July 29, 2016

Hi Guys
Do you know can i sync 3D audio clips correctly? i have a system the syncs audioClips throught the network using cmd and ClientRpc but for example, if im shooting . i want all the other players to head the audioSource of my shooting on the different volume . for example, players the are far from me would hear it less loudly than players that are physically close to me. is there any way to do that without setting the volume explicitly for each client (based on the distance between the players).

I have default 3D sound values set on the audioSource component . but when i checked on another client it
plays it on the same volume regardless of my position in relation the the shooting player

Thank you very much,

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0 on July 29, 2016

Please do not double post a question even if you formulate it differently

As for your question have you tried the suggestion in your other thread which said you should take a look into 3D sounds?

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0 on July 30, 2016

yes I have,
because of what he said (that there is no way to avoid doing that using cmd and clientRpc , I have implemented this functionallity and it is working) however for each client it is played on the same volume regardless of his position in relation the the shooting player.

as I said I’ve set default values for 3D sound. using linear and logarithmics rolloff , and enabling the neccesery values for 3D sound. and it still isnt working.
I wanted to know if maybe there is someone here who have tried that and might know why 3D sound is not synced the way it should.

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1 on July 30, 2016

Alright I found the problem. the max distance was too big. 
the default value is 500 and it is huge. i had to get really far to hear the difference. so i changed the max dist to 200 and now it is working.
Thanks everyone. this thread can be closed. 

on May 12, 2017

Hi, can you share your script for implementing audio on the network ?

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