Master Thesis experiemnt; I need Your participation!)

Updated on April 4, 2018 in General
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0 on April 4, 2018

Heelo everyone. My name is Volodymyr Rudov-Tsymbalist. I’m currently 23 y.o and a student in Belgium thank to European Union scholarship. My Master Thesis topic is “Video-Games as new educational tool” and I’ve created 3 small games thank to Brackeys tutorials and one thanks to Unity 2D Game Kit. But now I need Your help in my experiment. TO DO so:


1. Go on
2. Pass the tests, keep the results (better with 3 datas about mls, or percentage)
3. Go to and pass the questionnaire
4. Follow the link download games and play as much and long as you want.
5. On April 8 pass the test again –
6. Complete the Questionnaire Part 2

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