Making a game hesitation

Updated on January 11, 2018 in [A] Tutorials
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1 on January 10, 2018

Hello everyone I’ve been watching Brackeys for a while now, since I started programming, and now I want to get into Unity.

I’m wondering whether it is good to follow a tutorial while at the same time using different assets (in order to make my own game) or how do you Unity experts do it (did it)? 
Following Unity’s official tutorials is a mess, I’ve just got the two basic ones and they seem to be outdated and had to stop several times to google solutions. 

Would really love some insight and enlightenment thanks. 

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0 on January 11, 2018

Just do what seems like the most fun to do.
I’ve always enjoyed making stuff on my own and just following tutorials without working along them 🙂


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