Low Poly Tree Generator

Updated on June 28, 2017 in  [S] Finalized projects
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0 on June 28, 2017

-=- Low Poly Tree Generator -=-


Asset Store: http://bit.ly/2rZ3YM3


This tool allows you to easily generate Low Poly Trees in the Unity Editor. Enjoy an easy to use inspector, simple parameters and a universal .Obj Exporter.

Why use this tool?
Don’t switch between your 3D Modelling software and Unity. Do all of your tree creations inside of the Unity Editor, without any unnecessary steps. Easy, simple, intuitive.

Feature List:
– Generate Trees in the inspector and export them to a universal .obj file.

– Generate Trees at runtime using Unity’s Mesh class.

– Seeds – Same seed with same parameters will generate the same tree.

– Preview Trees before exporting.

– Full control over height, width, number of vertices and other parameters.

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