Looking for an indie 3D artist

Updated on February 22, 2018 in  [S] Works in progress
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2 on February 10, 2018


If you are reading this it means that you are an indie artist who is looking for a partner to create a cool looking game!  So i have made a little progress with the project in which will work in the near future(Here take a look https://gamejolt.com/games/NameLessKingDom/314687). If you haven’t figured it out yet i am a programmer and i am looking for an indie 3d artist. So if you are interested in joining into my team message me and we will arrange a meeting through a voice comm(it can be either discord or skype or anything else) just to let us know each other(it isn’t an interview or something like that).

Thanks in advance,


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0 on February 10, 2018

My email : Vasilis944@gmail.com

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